C1 2.4A铝合金双USB快充(1).jpg
  • C1 2.4A铝合金双USB快充(1).jpg

C1 2.4A aluminum alloy dual USB fast charging

C1 2.4A aluminum alloy dual USB fast charging


Wireless fast charging

Car charging

Other accessories

Car Holder

Car supplies

Car products

Audio frequency

Wired Headset

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth audio

TWS earphones

Power supply

Energy storage power supply

Portable power source


Medium standard plug

American standard plug

Other standard plugs

British standard plug

European standard plug

Data cable

Multifunctional creative data cable

Fast charging data cable

Standard data cable


Detailed Description

① PD+QC dual fast charging ports, compatible with multiple fast charging protocols
② PD 30W high-power, fast charging Apple family bucket
③ Transparent mechanical design, shining with electricity
④ PC fireproof shell, mini and compact design

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